Hi, I'm Alex Artigas
And I love design and cereal bowls!
Have a taste of what I can do:
Graphic vitamin for the brain!
Always learning and trying something new
A nutritious start every morning!
Providing tasty communication solutions every day
And double chocolate!
100% creativity, 0% fat
Delicious logos and guidelines!
I have a great expertise in corporate design, as well as experience in marketing managemet.
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Web Design
Now with extra CSS! Corporate sites, product landpages, WordPress skinning, plus lots of chocolate!
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UI/UX Design
Made with healthy menus, buttons and slidebars. I’ve designed proffesional interfaces for both desktop and mobile apps.
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100% sugar advertising!
White paper, a good idea and a creative eyecatching execution it’s all it takes for great advertising.
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Here are some yummy projects I’ve done
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